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Web Monetization Quick Start

Get an XRP Account

There are two ways to get an XRP account. One is to generate it yourself. The other is to use an account on an exchange.

If you aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency, it is recommended that you register on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Getting Your XRP Address from an Exchange

Select XRP in your exchange’s interface. There should be an option to “Deposit.” When you click deposit, there will be an “Address” and a “Destination Tag.” Note these down.

Add Siren’s Script to Your Website

Add your “Address” and “Destination Tag” into the script below, replacing MY_XRP_ADDRESS and MY_DESTINATION_TAG respectively.

Warning: If you enter either of these fields incorrectly, you will not be able to receive money.

<script src=""></script>
    xrpAddress: 'MY_XRP_ADDRESS',
    destinationTag: 'MY_DESTINATION_TAG'

What is Siren?


Siren is a receiver on the Interledger network, allowing users to accept Interledger payments in XRP. Because of the open and neutral nature of the Interledger network, the senders of these payments do not need to use XRP.

Siren also hosts a javascript library that wraps the Web Monetization API, allowing users to easily monetize their websites.

How Does Siren Work?

If you have an XRP account, then you can use Siren to tell people how to pay to your XRP account, using Interledger.

People sending to you don’t need to register on XRP or Siren. Think of it like an email address for money. People who send to you don’t need the same email provider.

When you get a payment over Interledger, will go to your XRP account. Siren buffers the money to save on transaction fees. A minute after getting an Interledger payment, all the Interledger payments that have been buffered up are sent to your XRP account.

By using Web Monetization, people who visit your website can use services like Flat to pay you. Every second that they stay on your site, you get a little bit more money.

Onboarding your users onto services like Flat and giving them a great experience will help you get as much money as possible.